erica metzner

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why do you do yoga?

i do yoga to keep my mind and body strong and so that i can be a better husbad, father, teacher, and friend.

favorite songs to help you remember happiness?

              case of you - joni mitchell                            c.r.e.a.m - wu-tang clan        boogie shoes - kc & the sunshine band   
wind blown - bone thungs-n-harmony
beast of burden - the rolling stones

what generates happiness for you?

Watching my students discover their own physical and mental breakthroughs. Reading to my daughter. couch time with my wife while we eat chicken wings.

what brought you to yoga?

i suffered a significant back injury while marathon training and lived through a year of chronic pain. i found yoga, started moving my body in a mindful way and learned that the physical practice led to a consistently calm mind.

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