what generates happiness for you?

Being silly and laughing with people I love, connecting and relating to others, making everyone feel heard and appreciated, psychology & philosophy, family dinners, and being in nature.

what brought you to yoga?

My friend, Samantha. She was my roommate and she would go to yoga and I sat at home alone when she was there. Then one day, I realized how important it was to my routine and mental stability.

why do you do yoga?

There's so much to practice. There's never a point where you can say, "oh, i've accomplished this and now I've made it." Every practice is different and teaches you something that you need to know right now. I get to practice listening to my body and learning how to use that as a tool of what's happening around me in everyday life.

favorite songs to help you remember happiness?

       Bloom by The Paper Kites     
 masterpiece by Jessie J
Anything from any musical or Disney movie

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