Class Descriptions

& hot Vinyasa

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi, this is the perfect option to get in your body. Rooted in alignment and vinyasa style yoga, we will move and groove for 60 minutes to an ever-changing playlist. Our heated room will provide the perfect space to connect with our breath and bodies. You will leave sweaty, empowered, and proud of what you accomplished!

How hot are we talking?

90 degrees

Who should come?

Anyone who wants to sweat!

& vinyasa alignment

This class is designed to provide space to practice alignment and break down poses in more detail. Through this practice you will be challenged by holding poses for longer periods of time. You might leave sweaty, you might learn a thing or two, and you may feel empowered and proud of what you accomplished.

How hot are we talking?

80 degrees

Who should come?

Anyone wanting to refine their alignment

& yinyasa

Yin Yoga is a gentle, meditative practice that can ease the deep fascia of the body and is designed to foster relaxation. Yin yoga fused with vinyasa yoga (yin-yasa) combines the slow passive poses of yin with the dynamic flow of vinyasa. You may leave this class feeling relaxed and balanced. 

How hot are we talking?

75 degrees

Who should come?

Anyone wanting a gentle flow

& Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is yoga for sleep. You will be guided into effortless relaxation that brings awareness to the nature of your mind. Through exploring body and breath you can create a sense of inner spaciousness and peace that can be carried with you outside of class. The instructor will guide you through setting an intention and exploring memory, imagery, and sensations as you rest.

How hot are we talking?

Heat is off

Who should come?

Anyone seeking deep meditation 

& restore

& Restore is a great opportunity for you to relax. In this class you can expect to hold restorative yoga poses that gently deepen the body's relaxation over time. You will utilize various props to support yourself in each posture. This class will give you the time and space you crave for connection and meditation by allowing your nervous system to pause.

How hot are we talking?

75-80 degrees

Who should come?


75-80 degrees

Anyone needing a pause

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